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If you have a success story of your own to tell, please send it through and if we post it, we will send you a free bottle of Winning Colours Stain Remover.  Please forward your details and success story along with photos to :  customersupport@winningcoloursaustralia.com.au 

You can also find many amazing YouTube videos on Winning Colours through the internet. 


“I've never let a company know how I feel about their product but I can't hold back WINNING COLOURS IS THE BEST PRODUCT OF IT'S KIND ON THE MARKET THAT I'VE EVER FOUND.  Like all new products I was sceptical at first but willing to try something new, to my surprise it worked on most everything it said it would do.  Today my daughter phoned me at work and she was furious with her 7year old daughter who had just spill nail polish on her carpet in her room.  She asked me if I knew what to do and I told her I'd be over after work with my WINNING COLOURS  I read the label and it said to remove paint but nothing about nail polish but I decided to try it and VULA... it worked.  We poured it on and dabbed it off.  Totally gone.  My daughter couldn't believe it, she said "What is this stuff?"  I explained I had been using it for various clean-ups and it works and it even smells nice.  I gave her the bottle and she said she was going to tell her friends and I'm telling everyone about WINNING COLOURS because for once it's true to it's word, IT REALLY WORKS. Thanks 18/6/10


Winning Colors is fabulous!  In only a matter of seconds I thought my daughter had ruined her beautiful pinafore dress…red lip stick all over the white material.  I was heartbroken and decided to give Winning Colors a try.  It was amazing – before my eyes the stain disappeared completely.  I even held the fabric up to the light and couldn’t see any hint of the horrible stain.  Once again – AMAZING.  Winning Colors saved the day – the dollars spent on the outfit and enabled us to be able to get more enjoyment from the adorable pinafore dress.  Thanks Winning Colors!


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how AMAZED I am with this product!!!!!  I have had a few experiences where I was sure nothing would save my poor clothing/textiles but Winning Colours came to the rescue.  I had to take a minute to tell you about them.  Today was the big one for me -  and was the final proof I needed that this was indeed the best stain remover ever.
New Years 2010 - someone walked into me with a FULL glass of red wine.  My favorite white scarf was completely covered and I was sure it was a write off.  The next morning (it had dried on by that point), I thought I'd try something before tossing it.  I got a bowl and filled it with water and a bit of winning colours.  After a bit of scrubbing it came completely out!

Jan 2010 - Niece came over with a new Christmas toy.  It was a hair toy that included blue paste to 'streak' your hair.  She got some on our cream ultrasuede chair.  Blue, the biggest pain to get out!  A dab of winning colours and it was gone!

Today, May 26 2010 - Last year my dogs found a nice pen with purple ink.  They had a heyday with it and subsequently left some pretty nasty purple spots on my beautiful new grey short-shag carpet.  Those stains have sat there for the last year and I have been too scared to do anything about it in fear I would just spread it around.  Today I thought "well why not just try the winning colours - it worked for red wine and blue dye right?".  I was rightfully nervous - carpet is a little more expensive to replace than a scarf or re-upholstering a dining chair.  So I went to work on it.  Poured some directly on the stain, let it sit for 5 min, and then used a clean rag and pulled up on the fibers to ensure it didn't spread.  I've never used this word but this is the time- I'm flabbergasted.  The stains are gone!  NO MORE PURPLE!  MY CARPET IS SAVED!

And so, here we are.  An official Winning Colours convert and your biggest fan.  More people need to know about this miracle product!  It would save lives - I'm convinced of it.
Forever yours, XXXXXXXX      403-xxx-xxxx (area code from Alberta, Canada


I have used everything on the market since I began "keeping house" 25 years ago...there has never been a product that works like Winning Colours! It does exactly as advertised and more. I use it for general cleaning around the house and with well water..it can be a real challenge to find something that works and is eco-friendly. I add it to my white clothes instead of using bleach, put it directly on stubborn stains, cleaning paint brushes (oil based and water based paints), anything to do with cleaning greasy messes, pet stains, kid stains....you name it...it will clean it up and make it look like new! A friend put some in their carpet cleaner and her carpets look brand new.

With the dilution rate of 10-1....you can not beat the price! It is truly eco-friendly so is safe around children, pets, septic systems etc.... It is kind to the skin so no gloves are needed.
I also keep a 4oz (125ml) bottle in my car for "emergency" clean ups from messy eaters!
You just won't find anything like it!


I recently used Winning Colours on a blood stain on a mock suede comforter. Our puppy lost a toenail and left quite a stain. I had removed the comforter from the bed and forgotten to treat it, but after 2 weeks, Winning Colours still removed it like a charm. In addition, my fiancé’ is the inventor of a new auto alignment kit and constantly has to remove glues and paint from his hands. Winning Colours is amazing for mechanics.


There was a stain on my dads driveway that I believe leeked out of trashbags or something - the stuff was ugly. My dad first tries the trusty "carbuerator spray", which often is the choice to remove something really tough, the stuff is brutal on the hands and it didnt work at all. So last resort, "gasoline", not good on hands and really not good for the environment again it did not work.  I was real surprised gas didnt work. I also laugh that my dad has bottles of WC all over the house and he never thinks to try WC.  I took the WC over, spread it full strength and let it sit for about 5 min, put water on scotchbrite sponge and gave it a scrub, hosed it off and its gone.

Happy Mom2 

This is more of a rant than anything, but still a horror story to share. First I will say that I am not the type to promote products usually but this was amazing so far. Here is what happened...

My "darling husband" was watching my kids (2 & 5) for an evening, he was otherwise busy lets say for a short time. In that time my kids thought it would be fun to paint their toe nails. Not with nail polish, no laytex paint, which one did they choose? The hot pink quart I had stashed in the master bedroom closet. I usually keep my touch up paint there. I know what you must be thinking and the paint was given to me by my Mother in Law and was a maybe to use as an accent color only in the kids room. Did I mention both are girls.  Long story short they brought the can down the stairs and oops spilled it on the last 5 steps and continued to spill it onto my front hallway onto the laminate flooring. Oh and it was also fun to ride a couple of cars through it on the floor while it was there messy!

We had only just replaced the carpet on the stairs not even a year ago. A really nice taupe berber carpet!  I still have a small piece of replacement carpet but not enough to do the whole 5 stairs. Nor the money to fix it! Crap! If anyone can learn anything from this nightmare it's worth sharing!  

I had heard from a friend - " There is a product I've had grerat success with, called "Winning Colours". It is great for paint and stains, and is safe to use on people too.  I had dried latex paint in my son's rug, and it totally removed it!"

so, in conclusion, I do have good news... winning colors did take out the remainder of the pink paint! OMG! If you have kids, it is a must to have in the home.. thank you thank you! I cannot say it enough for all the advice and support.  Click here to view the Before & After Photos sent in from Happy Mom2

James A. Botell

My wife & myself are absolutely astonished at this fine wonderful beyond belief product.

About a year ago, we rescued a Newfoundland dog, Charity.  She was 150 pounds of pure love and new to our home.    Since she had spent time in a dog compound area, she had not learned proper toilet locations and took to using the living room to perform her duties, and perform them she did in copious amounts.  After a period of time, we learned her body language and knew when to let her out to do her deposits where it was acceptable.  Now she is good and hasn't had a mishap in many many months.

However, we have the reminders of those early times, carpets in colours that an artist couldn't duplicate in various shades of yellows and browns and colours of the spectrum in between.  We had bought a Bissell heat steam cleaner for carpets and the appropriate Bissell stain remover.  I went to town, so to speak and went at it with gusto.  The carpets looked good, but next day the stain was back again in all its fine majestic hues.  We were discussing removing the carpets to eliminate said grievous markings.

Then one day, I heard of your product on the media and immediately went and bought a bottle.

Somewhat skeptical, I gave it a try last night.  Carpet looked much better when finished with the steam cleaner...mind you, I only used the cold water setting to rinse thoroughly.  The difference was amazing and the water bucket was very brown.  We went to bed last night, and I got up this morning, expecting to see the returned offending stains.  I was greatly amazed to see that it had not returned and still looks pristine.

I am not one to normally send e-mails, nor to be impressed by products, b u t , in this case we are elated at the results. This is one of the best products, if not the best we have ever experienced. We are certainly going to "pass the word on", to any and all who will listen.  So far we've let 2 neighbours know that the ghost of previous mishaps have been eliminated.

We cannot thank you enough for this fine product and look forward to the warmer weather to do the entire house and rid all carpets of the discolourations from other mishaps and spills.

B.B (Collingwood)

Last May a sudden medical condition left me unable to work as a sign maker and vehicle graphics installer; since then, I have been looking for things to do around the house to keep busy or work from home on other projects.

One day, when I was very, very bored I decided to call Winning Colours to discuss with someone who knows the products better than I about how to clean my carpets. I was told by someone in customer service that she had just done her carpets and how she used Winning Colours and it worked very well. Shortly after, I followed her instructions and when I was done spraying Winning Colours then using the carpet cleaning vacuum I was left with a brand new looking carpet through my whole house.   

I have used Winning Colours for a few years and it has become a regular shopping item and having an extra bottle or two on hand is common. When I tell friends and family about winning colours, some have never heard of it or can't find it in stores and others who have can't wait to show an example of how well it works. If I had a display of it here in my home I could have sold 50 bottles by now, and I always keep an eye out for where I can buy it next (it seems to show up in retail stores sporadically). By now I have probably contributed to the sales of 500 bottles and purchased close to a hundred myself.

To get back on topic I just wanted to say as a very picky consumer and a self made critic of all forms of customer service, I thank you and your staff for the cleaning tips for my carpets.